Leigh Creek

Leigh Creek is situated on the Traditional Lands of the Adnyamathanha people of South Australia.

Located approximately 600kms north of Adelaide, often thought of an “Oasis in the Desert”, Leigh Creek has a climate typical of the arid Australian inland, with temperatures ranging from 0 to 50+ degrees.

Due to the Summer months getting to such high temperatures the best time to travel to Leigh Creek and the Far North of South Australia is between the months of April to October.

Coal was first discovered in Leigh Creek in the early 1800s by John Henry Reid, it took over 50 years before large scale mining began in 1948, with the South Australian Premier of the time Thomas Playford being a driving force.

The Electricity Trust of South Australian (ETSA) made the decision in 1976 to move the town of Leigh Creek (Old Town) 22kms south, as there was a large coal deposit under the town. A massive undertaking gave ETSA a unique opportunity to construct an “Environmentally Friendly” place for its then 2000+ residents. In 1982 the “New Town” of Leigh Creek was completed.

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